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The world’s fastest way to share photos, apps and more across devices…without network charges or Wi-Fi connection. Lenovo SHAREit eliminates the need for cables to wirelessly transfer information rapidly between devices – either with friends, or to take your personal content on the go.
• Share everything with other devices – pictures, videos, music files, documents, contacts…even apps!
• Devices with SHAREit can automatically find each other when in range.
• Transfer HUGE files and videos in seconds …up to 40x faster than Bluetooth®.
• Share without the need for Bluetooth, phone network or active Wi-Fi network…you don’t pay a cent for network charges. Devices wirelessly connect directly.
• Even the app itself can be shared to other devices wirelessly, and rapid sharing can begin immediately.
• Supports group sharing – up to 5 devices simultaneously. Instantly share a party video, music album or photo library to up to five friends at once!
It much better than AirDrop! SHAREit supports not only Android phones,tablets, but also supports iPhone,iPad & even WIndows PC. It's a really cross-platform transmission tool!
Please share responsibly. Transfer of copyright files are at the discretion of the user.
Updated: 17 мая 2019 г.
For Android version: 2.2 or higher
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класс полезное приложение
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Кстати очень классная штука.