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TaxRat$ – The RatVolution has begun!
TaxRat$ love stealing your money. They are the personification of greedy politicians and lobbyists and they need to be stopped right now! They steal your taxes and the politicians invent new taxes or rise existing taxes and fees. TaxRat$ know that and follow the crazy logic: steal as much, as you can, and next year you will get more. They don´t care about how hard you have to work for that money. While people need to focus on how to save money - the lust of TaxRat$ for our money is bottomless. Kick that Rats and protect your taxes! Instead of making our governments more efficient TaxRat$ come in a mob and are all focused on finding new tricks to take money from your pockets.
Just like in real life: If you are not fast enough they will eventually get to your money. But there is a (little) hope and you can try to protect your money from the greedy politicians using some tricks.
It´s an open secret that TaxRat$ fall for lust and sins. A pretty lady willl distract TaxRat$ for a short moment so you can quickly save your money. Offer TaxRat$ drinks and they are intoxicated and you can bring your money into the next Level.
But be aware: Just like in real life the more money you have the more TaxRat$ will appear to take it away from you. Be faster, be smarter and save as much money as you can.
Join the TaxRatVolution!
Add date: 21 февраля 2014 г.
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