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The Harmony Of Buku (DEMO) is a 3D platform/adventure game based on classical platformers from the 90's.
THOB is designed with gameplay elements from games like Zelda.
This game is developed by an one-man indie developer.
** Sandbox mode (beta) is coming soon! **
DEMO Features:
* Begin your journey with Buku, a young hero whose job is to restore the stolen music in the world.
* Traditional and classical 3D platform design. Very similar to the old Crash Bandicoot franchise.
* Fight your way through 6 levels and 2 huge boss fights in a beautiful cartoon 3D environment.
* Search and collect all treasures to buy in-game items in the shop.
* Fully customizable controls for platforming.
* Try to defeat the developer in a brand new game mode called "Vinyl" in which you can play each level against the clock.
* Different quality settings to improve performance and visuals on older or new devices.
* 3 difficulty modes (Easy, Normal and Hard).
* Music is composed by award-winning Swedish composer 'Christian Andersson'.
NOTE: Please make sure the demo version runs decently on your device BEFORE you buy the complete version of this game.
Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/THOBGame
Or follow us on Twitter: @THOBuku.
The Harmony Of Buku is developed by Di Martino Entertainment.
Updated: 18 октября 2018 г.
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