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Стань самым сильным воином, управляй драконами, подчини себе темное царство и рыцаря ада. Убей орков и захвати все золото. Покори миры и завоюй сердце самой красивой королевы.
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For the first time on mobile devices: “Gears of War” and “Funko Pop!” Were combined to please you with real-time explosive battles in the Gear universe. Get and improve the heroes and villains from "Gears of War", each of which now has its own stylized look in the style of "Funko Pop!". Form the best squad, and then snatch victory in the arena, where you can confront other players from around the world in lightning tactical battles! FEATURES: - Arrange PVP attacks on Gear battle fields in real time. - More than 30 characters from Gears of War are waiting for your orders, and each of them now has its own look in the style of Funko Pop! - Assemble a squad, freely choosing characters from the KOG and Locust. - Turn the tide of the battle with the help of powerful "ultimate" skills, which include the appearance holes that flood the creatures in the battlefield. - Fight in arenas and join big leagues to compete with the best players in the world and get the best rewards. - Test your squads in battles against AI opponents and develop successful strategies. A network connection is required for the game.
Add date: 28 августа 2019 г.
For Android version: 4.4 or higher
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