You are a private detective. After receiving a letter from your father asking for help, you go to the small town of Radcliffe. The city is completely empty. Where did all the inhabitants go? What happened to your father? This is what you have to find out. Explore many locations of the city, find clues, solve many puzzles, open locks to advance in your investigation. The game is a mixture of leaving the room and classic quests. Features: - Completely 3-dimensional locations that can and should be rotated to inspect them from a different angle. - A huge variety of locations from an ordinary residential building to ancient catacombs. - Interactive world - A lot of puzzles and puzzles - A detective story, with unexpected plot twists. Rewards: TOP 20 - Indie Games Showcase from Google Play Best Mobile Game - DevGAMM'2019 Best Indie Game (Nominee) - DevGAMM'2019 Excellence in Game Design (Nominee) - DevGAMM'2019
Add date: 09 августа 2019 г.
For Android version: 4.1 or higher
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