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Стань самым сильным воином, управляй драконами, подчини себе темное царство и рыцаря ада. Убей орков и захвати все золото. Покори миры и завоюй сердце самой красивой королевы.
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Take on the role of the commander of one of the last shelters of the new world! Combine and lead the survivors, train and distribute your people, everyone can find a job! Build and strengthen your refuge making it impregnable! The epidemic of the virus is spreading around the district, it’s time for us to act before it’s too late. Warriors must be alert, and their weapons at the ready. Items and supplies found in abandoned warehouses will be useful in battles against hordes of zombies and their master. In the struggle for survival, every inhabitant of your secluded corner should give everything in full! Take command, sir! Here are some of the features that the game gives: • Construction. To create an inaccessible shelter, build and upgrade rooms. Workers are already in place. Give the order to start building! • Development of residents. In these dark times, every survivor of the account and each of them will find something to do! Teach your people a variety of skills and let them show what they have learned in practice! • Choice of equipment. Create effective weapons and equipment, arm and dress your people! • Multiplayer. We are not the only survivors, but the strongest survives in the new world, isn't it? Show who's in charge in the open confrontation! • Subject campaign. Lead your people through all the trials of the new world and survive using the whole arsenal of means at your disposal! Ahead expect hundreds of battles with hordes of zombies and various mutant fanatics who will stand in the way of your brave fighters.
Add date: 09 июля 2019 г.
For Android version: 4.4 or higher
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