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In a new puzzle with an unprecedented style in the games of the Angry Birds series, your life will turn into a dream about bursting balls! Blow up dream balls along with tiny evil birds to solve puzzles and dive into dreams for a quiet hour. Thanks to a huge number of unique levels of puzzles, the number of which will increase every week, you will be able to stay in the world of dreams as you like! The gameplay is very simple: pop the balls and combine different amplifiers. Just touch a group of balls of the same color to remove it! If you succeed in bursting enough balls at the same time, you will get the Red power amplifier! Touching it, you can remove from the playing field a number of balls. You can also combine two Reds by getting Chuck, who is able to burst the balls in four directions at once! From two Chakov it turns out super-powerful Bomb amp. Tiny Bomb looks very cute, but with an explosion it can remove all the balls from the screen at once! By combining more balls, you can open even more powerful amplifiers. Not a game, but a dream, right? Features: - Easy to start playing! - Touch groups of dream balls to pop them. - Create combinations of a large number of balls to give free rein to special forces. - Dream balls fall in accordance with the laws of physics, which makes each level unique! - Tests of different types! - Hundreds of fun levels. - New levels every Friday!
Updated: 28 апреля 2019 г.
For Android version: 5.0 or higher
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