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Стань самым сильным воином, управляй драконами, подчини себе темное царство и рыцаря ада. Убей орков и захвати все золото. Покори миры и завоюй сердце самой красивой королевы.
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Welcome to the Russian political arena! The struggle for power was and remains the end in itself of many Russian politicians, and the methods of their struggle take on the most insane forms. Presidential elections are approaching, during which candidates for the post of head of our state will meet in a tense battle. Features: • 12 characters created on the basis of real Russian politicians; • The unique fighting skill of each character (blow by a gas pipe, throwing a strawberry, launching a quadrocopter, etc.); • audiophrase of real politicians; • various game locations; • the passage of the game campaign and the regime of rapid combat; • Record statistics: Fight your friends in the speed of the game! Good luck in your battle!
Add date: 27 марта 2018 г.
For Android version: 4.0.3 or higher
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