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This application contains all the fitness calculators from the site tvoytrener.com. Dozens of ready-made training programs, diets and exercises. In general, this is a handy version of the site Your Trainer on your Android device. All your reviews read. Therefore, you can write your proposals in them. 1. At the moment, the application contains about 200 exercises in the gym and at home. All exercises have both full video (via the Internet) and short videos that you can watch without access to the Internet. 2. 140 ready-made training programs: for men and women, at home and in the gym, for muscle mass, for weight loss and for relief. 3. 17 fitness calculators. 4. Diary of training. Where you can edit your workouts. 5. 20 diets for weight loss and weight for both sexes. 6. More than 100 articles 7. There is an opportunity to ask your question to our trainers. 8. It is possible to order an individual training complex and an individual diet. 9. There is a unique calculator "Coach-Online", which will make the program just for you and absolutely free. 10. The application is constantly supplemented and improved. In general - use your health. Waiting for your ratings and reviews about the app. Sincerely, Vladyka of the whole site tvoytrener.com - Timko Ilya.
Add date: 28 ноября 2017 г.
For Android version: 4.1 or higher
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