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Alternative Photo Gallery. How often do you think: - Why is the default gallery of something does not? Why is running slowly? - Why moving picture is inconvenient? - Tired of scrolling down, down, down ... to find your favorite location? - Do you want to install the cover of the folder to your taste? - Do you want to get rid of the ads in the personal gallery? - Worried about background processes (battery depletion, violation of privacy)? Change the system for our Photo Gallery! - Super-fast downloads. - Without advertising. Ultra lightweight (less than 5MB). - Great way to organize (without automatic sorting). - Almost all say: "It's great!". - Recover photos that have been accidentally deleted (folder "Trash"). - Sort by date created, date added, name, desired by the user (drag & drop). - No background processes (Saves battery No unauthorized downloads.). - Hide / exclusion of individual folders. - Lock hidden photos. - Folder List, photo only, video only one touch. - Set your favorite photo on the cover of the folder. - Marks and search photos and videos. - Moving files between folders super simple. - Moving a folder on the SD card with a tap. - Quickly scan folders (Media Scan). - Play GIF without delay (as on your computer). - Convert video to GIF. - Display EXIF ​​information. - Rename files and photos. - Easily create of folders. - Crop, rotate photos. - Installation help. - Changing the application theme.
Updated: 17 декабря 2018 г.
For Android version: 4.0 or higher
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