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Yokee ™ - is a free application for karaoke lovers: you can sing along with YouTube, show off your voice and let out your inner star! Millions of fans already singing karaoke with Yokee ™. Join Sing, burn, share - KARAOKE! * SING: browse huge catalogs of music videos of different genres and themes to YouTube and search for songs by favorite singers. Plus: input in any language! * Burn: When a song is selected, a track record with your performance and, if you want to add some voice effects such as echo or reverberation. You can record yourself as many times as long as the results are not completely satisfied. * Share your execution on Facebook, contact your friends, listen to and evaluate their records. SING FROM THE SOUL AND FREE - Yokee ™ allows you to sing for free, because the program uses an unlimited library of songs and videos on YouTube. We scoured YouTube to find the best songs for karaoke and add new music, songs and videos every day.
Updated: 16 августа 2019 г.
For Android version: 4.1 or higher
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