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ACR is a free application to record phone calls. ACR record telephone calls. Check out the list of features (below) and download the best application for recording calls to Play Store. Some phones do not support properly record a telephone conversation. This is due to the capacities of different chipsets and processors, which are built on smart phones. Features ACR: - Search - grouping records by date - automatic sending mail (Pro) - auto-delete old records - marking records as important (not deleted automatically) - multiple choice, removal, shipping - display the name and contact photos - excluded non - automatic or manual recording (Pro) - record as password protected - variety of recording formats - the ability to write-- different recording modes: by number, contact, except the contact, selected contacts - Integration with Dropbox (Pro) - Integration with Google Disk (Pro) - Integration with WebDAV (Pro) (Yandex, Box) - and many more ... Do not use ACR in conjunction with other applications to record conversations! Try different recording formats (ogg, 3gp, mp4, wav) to determine the most suitable for your phone!
Updated: 20 июня 2017 г.
For Android version: 2.3 or higher
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 LucyYisraeel [21/01/2019,12:31]
cool ♡ great app