Client social network VKontakte. Easy to use, fast and reliable. Keep in touch with your friends. Watch the video and listen to music. Features: - Choose themes - light, dark, pink - Adjustable font size - Working with multiple accounts - Can be installed on SD card - Tablet support - A list of birthdays, notifications of birthdays - Voice memo - the ability to record your voice and attach it on the other wall. Functionality: - News. Comments - Friends List, a list of online friends. - Messages, dialogues. - Photos. Adding photos to your album - Playlist. Adding audio from your phone to your page - Video. Add video from your phone to your page - search music, videos, friends - Notifications of new messages, the news - Ability to write a message on the wall, attach a photo, audio, video, graffiti - News Widget (dark / light) - Groups and public page - Synchronize contacts - Subscriptions / Subscribers - Polls - Ability to change your avatar - Ability to upload images not to reduce traffic
Updated: 15 апреля 2019 г.
For Android version: 1.6 or higher
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 Даниил Гаврилушкин [06/01/2018,15:40]
 Александр Петров [17/12/2016,17:07]
 Kolia Kasper [29/07/2016,06:57]
 Andrey Dimitrenko-Melnik [19/07/2016,00:21]
скорость. Слабая
 Vasya Mis' [17/07/2016,11:25]
Супер! Всім рекомендую! Деяких функційнавіть у вк для андроїд немає!
 Игорь Штефан [14/07/2016,16:48]
Супер-приложение!!! Всем советую!
 sim9104856 [22/01/2016,10:45]
 Крістіна Ткачук [20/01/2016,14:37]
Прого краща з кращих просто клас
 Карина Боцу [18/01/2016,12:12]